RMS Reports Builder v2015
Today's Date: 07/15/19
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Reports Builder Information

Rebate Management System (RMS) Reports Builder    is a browser-based application permitting business managers, accountants, and individual companies to rapidly generate sales, purchasing, fee, and rebate management reports. The RMS Reports Builder incorporates Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting engine permitting you to generate reports based upon data entered via the RMS Administrator and/or real-time transactional data residing within the ProNet Data Warehouse/Data Mart.

RMS Reports Builder permits you to:

  • Create complex data driven reports
  • Filter reports views based company hierarchical structures
  • Turn results columns on and off
  • Create summary and detailed-level views via expand and contract data row controls
  • Sort column contents
  • Create year over year comparison views
  • Convert from Canadian to US Dollars
  • Compare declared amounts against real-time transactional data
  • Output reports in HTML, TIFF, EXCEL, and PDF formats

RMS Reports Builder technical support is available through the NEXTStep Commerce Help Desk Mon-Fri from 8:00AM to 6:00PM EST. Call us at  (703) 669-4203 or send an e-mail inquiry to helpdesk@nxtstp.com

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